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CLEARFIELD, Utah (KUTV) —Utah man impacts special needs community with Buddies 4 Life yoga

Andrew Brinton, a compassionate soul, has dedicated himself to helping the lives of those often overlooked—the special needs community.

Buddies 4 Life, a sanctuary he co-founded alongside his wife Tresa, was created to help those in the special needs community.

Their tireless efforts extend beyond conventional aid; they assist in finding homes, organize day trips, and offer support that transcends the ordinary.


However, amidst their commendable work, Andrew noticed a missing piece in the puzzle of empowerment.

Inspired by his own transformative journey through yoga, he envisioned extending the same serenity to those he served.

“I've been interested in yoga for as long as I can remember,” Andrew said.

Every Wednesday, the doors of Buddies 4 Life open to welcome individuals over 18 with disabilities to a free yoga class.

For Andrew, it's not merely about yoga poses but a profound connection with the subconscious—an avenue to inner peace and harmony.

“It helps me feel more calm. Andrew makes it really fun for us,” said Naomi Rhodes.

Andrew's approach goes beyond physical postures; he delves into the emotional realm, emphasizing the importance of connecting with one's younger self.

Understanding the triggers and traumas is crucial, he notes, in guiding these individuals towards a positive path.

"Sometimes when they act out of control, it's not their higher self, it's their younger self," Andrew explained, his voice carrying a deep sense of understanding. "If they can understand that everything happening to them is for their good, it really helps them."

The impact of their work hasn't gone unnoticed. Recently, Mountain America Credit Union extended a helping hand, donating $500 to support Buddies 4 Life in their noble cause.

The classes, starting at 9:30 in the morning and lasting for about 45 minutes, have become a cornerstone of solace for many. Beyond the yoga mats and serene ambiance, they offer a safe space for self-reflection and growth.

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Fill out this form if you are a looking to work for us as a RBT or BCBA. 


Fill out this form if you are looking for a client looking for ABA Therapy, After School Program, Early Intervention, Social Skills, or Dating Coaching for those with the F84.0 Autism Spectrum Disorder, Housing, Day Programs, or Respite Care.

Meet Our Team

andrew and tresa


With over 30 years of experience as a Special Educator, Andrew Brinton has dedicated his career to working with individuals with disabilities. Alongside raising three children with autism, he has cultivated empathy, compassion, and exceptional listening skills through overcoming adversity and numerous challenges.

Andrew holds an MBA, an Advanced Ho'oponopono Certification, a Special Education and Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certificate. For more than two decades, he has been teaching, coaching, and speaking, specializing in empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve independence and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Andrew's passion for knowledge is evident in his voracious reading habits, and he also finds solace in traveling and fishing. Notably, he has conquered two of the seven summits, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua, solidifying his adventurous spirit.

More about Buddies4Life's Founders


With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, Tresa Brinton has amassed extensive expertise in advising, mentoring, and managing sales teams, overseeing construction projects, and optimizing dental practices, her unwavering commitment to individuals with disabilities sets her apart, as she not only listens and understands but also demonstrates unparalleled compassion.

Tresa's instrumental role in establishing all licensing, insurance, and the financial structure of Buddies4life showcases her meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive approach. As the founder and COO of this innovative company, she has brought her passion for empowering individuals with disabilities to life.


Tresa's journey into the world of disability advocacy began when she introduced Andrew to an opportunity to become a micro-provider close to when she was considering marrying a man with 3 children with Autism. This personal experience ignited her desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others facing similar challenges. She found that there was a lack of resources and support systems for individuals with disabilities and their families, leading her to cofound Buddies4life as a solution.


Through Buddies4life, Tresa aims to bridge the gap between those with disabilities and their communities by promoting inclusivity and providing access to various opportunities. Whether it is through job placements, educational programs, or social events, Tresa strives to empower individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling and independent lives.


As a disability advocate, Tresa recognizes the importance of raising awareness and educating others about disabilities. She regularly hosts workshops and seminars to educate individuals, schools, and businesses on how they can create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities. By promoting understanding and acceptance, Tresa hopes to break down barriers and change societal attitudes towards individuals with disabilities.


Buddies4life also offers support services for families of individuals with disabilities. Tresa understands the challenges that come with caring for a loved one with special needs, which is why she created a network where families can connect and share their experiences. Through this community, families can find emotional support, resources, and guidance as they navigate through the ups and downs of raising


In addition to her work with Buddies4life, Tresa finds joy in spending time with Andrew and their eight children, embarking on exciting adventures and exploring new places together.

Mission statement:

”We help our BUDDIES obtain meaningful independence 4LIFE.”

Core Values:

Team Work, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Service, Meaningful Relationships

Vision Statement:

To enrich the lives of those with disabilities with a quality environment, independent living skills, and meaningful relationships 4LIFE!


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