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Becoming a Host

Becoming a host family for one of our “Buddies” is an enriching and rewarding experience that goes far beyond the walls of your home. By opening your heart and household to an adult with disabilities, you contribute to their growth, independence, and happiness. Whether it’s giving rides to our more functional adults or providing more involved support for those with more severe disabilities, the connections forged and the lives enhanced are deeply fulfilling. We understand the commitment and dedication required in this role, and that’s why we ensure our host families are generously compensated between $2000 to $4000 per month, depending on the severity of the disability of the buddy. This financial support is our way of acknowledging the invaluable contribution host families make, helping to provide a warm and nurturing environment for our Buddies. Join us as a host family, and be part of a journey that enriches lives, builds community, and brings joy to all involved.

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Work with us as a host parent. Those who wish to apply will need an extra bedroom in their apartment or home and a clean background check. (Everyone in the home over 18 will have to pass a background check to work with an individual with disabilities.)

Once you are certified as an official host home we will match you with one of our Buddies who are experiencing different degrees of disabilities.

Host parents usually make $2,000-$4,000 per month, Funding for this program comes from a Medicaid Waiver administered through DSPD. Our Buddies will also pay an additional $200-$500 from SSI for room and board, toiletries, groceries, etc directly to you monthly to help with expenses. Many of our Buddies take care of themselves and have food stamps to help out with groceries.
Your job will be to record our Buddies’ medication, goals, and behaviors through our easy to use EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) software. Some of our Buddies are very high-functioning individuals that attend day programs and/or work during the day. Some of our Buddies will require more hands-on help. Compensation increases with our Buddies’ increased needs.

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